Do You Take My Insurance?
Are You In My Network?

We know that finding an in-network dentist is important to a lot of our patients and we consider insurance transparency a component of good dental care.

Paloma Dental takes almost all of the hundreds of PPO insurances on the market, so it would be exhaustive (and quickly outdated) to list them here. Regardless, we always check your benefits and eligibility before any treatment is rendered in our office so you are aware of any copays beforehand. If your plan is out of our network and coming to us results in a higher copay, we are always transparent about that.

In order to give you the most accurate information about your individual plan, we encourage you to give us all insurance information 2-3 days before your appointment so we can answer any question you may have about it before your visit.

Dental Financing

Make dental care fit within your budget with a low-cost, low-interest financing option.

Most people don’t expect dental treatment and rarely budget for it. Even with dental benefits, large dental needs can quickly become an overwhelming financial burden. Paloma Dental understands this, and works with CareCredit to help keep dental care costs manageable and within your budget.

We also understand that unexpected life bills can strain your finances and make it difficult to pay your dental bills. You are not alone! We are here to help. Communication is key to making a plan that fits you. Please call or text us at 720-440-7743 or email us at so we can work together to find a solution for you.

The Dental Cooperative:
A Dental Insurance Alternative

Find out more about Paloma Dental’s co-op program here.